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America’s Cup Experience

An Exclusive Event with Catalonia’s Best Chefs and Sail GP VIP Team and Event Access

Feast & Sail GP Event

One Time Event

Immerse yourself in an exclusive event that offers intimate interactions with Sail GP Team members and a behind-the-scenes yacht tour. Enjoy premier views with VIP access to our viewing platform and indulge in culinary excellence with unique chocolates by the World Chocolate Champion and exquisite pastries by renowned local chef, Miguel Guarro. The adventure is enhanced with dishes from the celebrated 2 Michelin Star, Best Young Cook of 2024, local chef Martina Puigvert. The location, to be announced, is set in a yet-to-be-revealed exclusive location. Experience a blend of luxury, adventure, and unparalleled culinary delights in an unforgettable setting.

World Class Catalonian Chefs

Catalonia has emerged as a global culinary powerhouse, renowned for its innovative gastronomy, exceptional chefs, and a rich food culture that blends tradition with avant-garde techniques.

VIP Access to Event

Ticket holders will enjoy privileged access to the event and direct engagement with the Sail GP crew, offering a unique, insider’s glimpse into the world of competitive sailing.

The Location

The Heart of Barcelona

The Perfect Setting

In the heart of Barcelona’s trendiest neighborhood, this venue is a former flour factory transformed into a gastronomic space. The modern space maintains its historic industrial charm combined with a Nordic design, and is often used as a film set by production companies. The space enjoys 2 kitchen spaces.

Q&A with the Crew

Food and Conversation

Engage in a unique Q&A with the Sail GP crew, enhanced by gourmet dining. This exclusive mix of insightful sailing discussions and exquisite cuisine offers an unmatched experience, combining the excitement of sport with culinary excellence.

The Wine List

Local Wines Curated by a Master

Cava to Priorat*

Enjoy an expertly curated wine list by one of the world’s 400 Masters of Wine, featuring Catalonia’s finest wines and Cavas. This exclusive selection will showcase the rich viticultural heritage of the region, offering a journey through its most celebrated vineyards and bubbly delights. Each glass is chosen to complement the culinary experience, elevating your dining to an exquisite tasting adventure that highlights the best of Catalonia’s wine culture.

*non alcoholic options available

A Taste Experience


Savour Catalonia’s finest Cava, renowned for its sophisticated effervescence and balanced flavours. Crafted in Penedès, this premier sparkling wine epitomises the region’s winemaking excellence, offering a delicate, celebratory sip that showcases the best of Catalan viticulture.

A Taste Experience

Priorat & beyond

Discover Priorat and Catalonia’s other esteemed wine, known for rich, intense flavors and deep complexity. Originating from the rugged terrains of the local region, the wines are celebrated for their concentrated fruit, minerality, and exquisite aging potential, making it a standout in Catalonia’s viticultural landscape.

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